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starlove's Journal

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Created on 2013-10-06 21:10:46 (#208), last updated 2013-10-06 (245 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Jan 1
I AM AN: HONEST PERSON, OPEN MINDED, A LOVER, HELPER & ENCOURAGER. I am a teenage female. No matter what I wear or how I do my hair. I still look like male. 89% of people who met/meet me addressed me as male. I would say; I am girl. They would be shocked hence, apologizing and, or asking again. 13% got/get confused of my sex. #1) I'm very happy to look male and to be female. Some of my personality traits are; Assertive, strong, sporty, caring, understanding, and calm. I can be real aggressive for the right reasons. Plus, I love cross-dressing and find this to be the real me. #2) I don't feel nor ever felt comfortable with girl clothings, shoes, and, or make-ups/nail done e.t.c. I enjoy once in a while trying to be girly. Though, cross-dressing is what makes me feel me. I don't mine my female shape showing, I.e. chest shape, you know. Case is not that I want my female side hidden rather, wearing male clothing, shoes, & no make-ups e.t.c. Case is that I act, & look male. Also, cross-dress. #3) I respect all. However, I've lots of male friends & seem to get alone best & easily with them. (I seem & feel to be on the male side 69%, if not more.) (I'm straight, and hope to have kids, later. This is not & never was any I planned. Rather what I found & finding myself in. I use to in joking matter call myself -tomboy. However, male is what I look, & feel. Also, I love & appreciate my female side.

I am on journey to learn about others. To learn about myself. To find the true me. Who I am?...,

I joined a F.B. group p.g. (Androgynous. Which I am still part of. I though I was Androgynous. Therefore, basing above I.N.F.O. And asking if I was. I was told that I fit in Bi-Gender. Therefore, I am here. Hoping to share me and know more about me and others. I hope to find people who understand me and who I understand. To also, make new friends here, with common interest and understanding.

Interests (12):

and learning, arabic, english and spanish songs, god! life! enjoyments!, malls, math, out-doors, parks, really good movies, science, sports, zoo.
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